Handmade soaps that nurture the skin

Handmade soaps that nurture the skin

Written by: Julia Perla Huisman
January 12, 2018

We’ve arrived at the coldest months of the year, when the skin takes a beating. You may want to consider swapping out your store-bought soaps with the handmade kind that moisturizes the skin while also supporting a local artisan. Hannah Weeks of LaPorte is one such artisan, the founder of growing brand Hannah Jane Soaps.

“Treating your skin with love and care is always important, but especially in the dry winter months,” Weeks says. “Natural handmade soap produces glycerin, a natural humectant that moisturizes and protects your skin against winter’s harsh environment, leaving you with the most naturally moisturized skin possible.”

Follow the refreshing scent of Hannah Jane Soaps at Nest Number 4 in Michigan City and Up Towne Shoppes and Thode Floral in LaPorte.

Photo Credit: Brandi Lee
Hannah Weeks of LaPorte has created her own soap line, Hannah Jane Soaps.